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Tony Gao

Tony Gao is the Business Director at Epack Printing Ltd, a renowned provider of bespoke packaging solutions. Known for his expertise in integrating brand storytelling with sustainable packaging design, Tony is also recognized as an innovator in the packaging industry.

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About Tony Gao

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Tony Gao, with over two decades in the packaging industry, serves as the Business Director at Epack Printing Ltd. Recognized for his innovative approach, Tony is not just an expert in packaging but a proponent of using packaging as a key storytelling tool for brands. His focus on brand-centric packaging strategies has set new standards in how packaging is perceived in the marketing mix.

Under Tony’s leadership, Epack Printing Ltd excels in creating packaging solutions that are not only functional but also tell a brand’s story, connecting deeply with consumers. He emphasizes the importance of packaging in brand recognition and customer experience, ensuring that each design, from luxury rigid boxes to eco-friendly paper bags, is a reflection of the client’s brand identity and values.

A staunch advocate for environmental sustainability, Tony integrates eco-conscious practices into Epack’s packaging designs. His commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in the company’s use of sustainable materials and processes, highlighting Epack’s dedication to reducing environmental impact while delivering high-quality, innovative packaging solutions.

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Packaging Pioneering: Signature Success Stories

Witness the transformative power of packaging with Tony Gao’s curated selection of success stories. These case studies showcase custom solutions that set brands apart, illustrating the unique blend of storytelling and sustainability that Tony champions.

eco luxury chocolate packaging design

Eco-Luxury Chocolate Packaging Design

Turned sustainable materials into a luxurious chocolate packaging experience, creating lasting brand impressions and enhanced customer engagement
perfume set gift box as a symbol of sophistication

Perfume Set Gift Box as a Symbol of Sophistication

Luxury rigid setup packaging, where premium materials meet exquisite craftsmanship, embodying the essence of elegance and brand distinction.
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Sustainable Solutions: Green Revolution in Packaging

In a world where sustainability is no longer optional, Tony Gao leads the charge in environmental stewardship through innovative packaging solutions. His approach isn’t just about using green materials; it’s about redefining the lifecycle of packaging. Tony’s strategies reduce waste and carbon footprints, ensuring that Epack’s clients not only meet but exceed their sustainability goals. From design to disposal, Tony ensures every package tells a story of commitment — to the brand, to the customer, and to the planet.

Tony Gao's Odyssey: From Engineer to Brand Expert

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Tony’s journey in the packaging field began at Main Choice Holding as a Senior Engineer (August 2003 – October 2005), followed by a pivotal role at 1010 Printing International Ltd as the Packaging Structure Engineering Supervisor (September 2005 – January 2008). His experience in these positions, focusing on material selection, design, and production integration, has been crucial in developing his expertise, particularly in brand-enhancing and eco-friendly packaging solutions. This blend of brand focus and environmental consciousness in packaging design underlines Tony Gao’s significant contribution to Epack Printing Ltd and the packaging industry at large.

tony gao at main choice holding
tony gao at 1010 printing merging design with innovation
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Packaging is transient, but the impression it leaves is eternal. That’s why we don’t just deliver packages, we deliver experiences.

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Unfiltered Praise from One-on-One Chats with Our Clients.Real Talk

Experience the high caliber of our services through the voices of those who matter most – our clients. These are unedited excerpts from private conversations, offering a firsthand look at the genuine appreciation and positive feedback for the work led by Tony Gao.

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Connect with Tony Gao for Expert Packaging Insights

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Interested in learning more about innovative and sustainable packaging solutions? Tony Gao, with his extensive expertise in the packaging industry, is here to help.

Whether you have questions about brand-centric packaging design, eco-friendly materials, or want to explore creative packaging strategies for your brand, Tony is ready to share his insights and guide you towards successful packaging solutions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out – fill out the contact form below to start a conversation with Tony Gao and harness the power of expert packaging for your brand today.

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