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TIAN AN LFD : Packaging For Keys And Wine

By Tony Gao
By Tony Gao

Business Director at Epackprinting

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packaging boxes for keys and wine
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Tian An Australia has grown to become one of the country’s most successful operators with a strong track record of quality residential development in key markets on the west and east coasts.

TIAN AN LFD had worked with us before, where we helped package their keys and remote into rigid drawer box. And with the project being a success, TIAN decided to work with us again. For this project, they need a very luxury, creative box to hold the keys, remote, instructions and a bottle of red wine as a gift for the buyers of the Newly built Commercial Property.

Customer Requirements:


  • Outer Box : 2mm greyboard + 140gsm uncoated paper + 150gsm black soft touch paper.
  • Card box: 350gsm uncoated paper-Soft Touch paper.
  • Middle section – 400gsm texture paper.
  • Felt Pouch : Black felt material.
  • Liner of the box inner Lid: Green felt material.
  • Foam tray: Black high density foam with black soft touch paper on top. need cutouts for items.

Printing & Finishing:

  • Box: Gold foiling on lid
  • Card Box: Gold foiling on front.
  • Felt Pouch: Gold Screening on front, Color match the gold foiling on box.
  • Liner of the box innner lid:
  • Gold Screening on front, Color match the gold foiling on box.

Artwork and Template:

The Challenge:

The material of the liner and pouch are felt material, and the customer requires gold hot stamping on it. the gold hot stamping color have to match the gold logo foiled on the boxes. We have never used this new material in the field of packaging before.

The Solution

First of all, we need to overcome two difficult problems, the first problem is what kind of glue to glue the felt to the lid, another is how to present the same gold color as the outer box; after testing, Traditional hot stamping process can not achieve the desired effect. Epack experts after careful study and finally decided to use silk screen printing process to achieve this effect, the test result is perfect. The first application of this new material has been successfully solved.

The Final Product:

Epack is very helpful in creating high-quality packaging while meeting our tight deadlines, and the flexibility to create multiple designs in the same box size helps us easily achieve our goals.

Laura, Manager of Purchasing Department at TIAN AN LFD

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