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How can we help you?

Our team is always happy to help and specialize with all types of packaging including packaging boxes & paper bags.

What are your minimums?

We can offer short runs for your business. We have set a MOQ (minimum order quantity) to help save on costs and prepare enough stock of custom packaging, but it is not recommended go below this quantity listed below since they are fixed based off the price point that will benefit all customers equally as much without sacrificing quality or service!

ProductsMinimum Order
Folding Carton Boxes100pcs
Corrugated Boxes100pcs
Rigid Boxes100pcs
Paper Bags100pcs
Labels & Stickers1000pcs
Kraft Paper Mailers100pcs
Tissue Paper1000pcs
Cardboard Inserts100pcs
Foam tray100pcs
Of course! If you require less quantities that these, please feel free to discuss with us and we will see how can assist.

Our MOQs (minimum order quantity) are set to ensure that our customers can save on costs by avoiding the high cost of tooling and setup for the production of their custom packaging. This is a great benefit as it allows clients to get the exact type of packaging they need while also minimizing any associated costs that may be incurred. Additionally, these MOQs help us ensure that whatever custom packaging our clients require is produced efficiently and with the highest quality possible.

When ordering custom packaging from us, we must remember that our MOQs are based on the size and complexity of the design being ordered. The more intricate or larger the design, the higher the MOQ will typically be for us to produce it at an economical cost. We take pride in ensuring our clients receive exactly what they need without breaking their budget, so understanding how our MOQs work is essential when ordering customized packaging.

In conclusion, customizing your packaging can be a great way to stand out from competitors while maintaining a reasonable budget. Our MOQs allow clients to get their desired product without needing to commit to purchasing large quantities immediately. As long as you plan accordingly and understand how our MOQs work, you can have confidence knowing you’re getting a great deal while still receiving top-notch quality and service from us!

Updated on May 27, 2024
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