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Satin Ribbon Handles

satin ribbon handles for paper bags

Elevate your packaging with the lustrous elegance of Satin Ribbon Handles. Our ribbons are crafted to embody sophistication, featuring a smooth, shiny finish that complements the luxury of your paper bags. Available in widths ranging from 10mm to 55mm, they are the perfect accessory for creating a packaging experience that exudes finesse and grace.

Material & Texture #

The high-quality satin fabric presents a beautiful sheen, catching the light to enhance the color and depth of the ribbon, making your paper bag stand out with a polished and upscale look.

Color Variety #

Choose from an extensive palette of over a hundred colors, each saturated with rich hues and vibrant tones to match any brand or occasion. Our color range ensures that you will find the perfect match to harmonize with your paper bags, guaranteeing a bespoke aesthetic that aligns with your brand identity.

Customization & Assembly Options #

Our ribbons come with a variety of assembly options to suit your specific packaging needs:

  • Concealed Ends: Opt for a minimalist and contemporary style with our concealed ends option. The ends of the satin ribbon are discreetly tucked into the paper bag’s lip, creating a seamless handle that blends flawlessly with the bag’s design.
  • Shoe Buckle: Add a touch of sophistication with our metal or plastic shoe buckles. This chic attachment method not only secures the handle with style but also introduces an element of texture contrast that accentuates the satin ribbon’s smoothness.
  • Tie Knot: For a touch of traditional elegance, our tie knot option allows the satin ribbon to flourish. The knots are tied with precision to ensure a balanced look that’s both functional and fashionable, ideal for an enduringly stylish impression.
  • Width & Strength
    With widths tailored to the demands of your product, our satin ribbon handles provide the perfect balance between delicate appearance and resilient performance. Whether for light or moderately weighted paper bags, the ribbon maintains its integrity and allure, ensuring your packaging’s integrity is never compromised.
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Updated on April 8, 2024
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