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Paper Bag Handle Fastening Style: Rivet-Secured

paper bags with rivet fixed handles

Rivet-Secured Handle Integration, Embrace the fusion of durability and elegance with our Rivet-Secured Handle, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your custom paper bags.

Assembly Instructions #

Attach flat handles like leather, ribbon, or paper rope to the bag using rivets, ensuring a flat surface suitable for the riveting process for a strong hold.

Advantages #

  • Durable Design: Rivets provide a robust connection for increased weight capacity.
  • Metallic Elegance: Adds a lustrous metallic finish to enhance bag aesthetics.
  • Brand Enhancement: Elevates the perception of quality, improving brand image.

Disadvantages #

  • Material Restrictions: Best suited for flat handles, limiting handle variety.
  • Production Cost: The manual riveting process can increase overall costs.

Customization Options #

  • Grommet Colors: Choose from black, silver, or white to match your branding.
  • Handle Diversity: Compatible with various flat materials for a custom look.
Updated on April 9, 2024
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