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Paper Bag Handle Fastening Style: Locking Plastic Handle

paper bags with embedded plastic handle

Effortlessly secure your paper bags with our Locking Plastic Handles, designed for a strong hold and convenient assembly.

Assembly Instructions #

Insert the plastic handle’s ends into pre-made holes in the bag and press to click the locks in place, ensuring a firm attachment suitable for heavier loads.

Advantages #

  • Heavy-Duty Support: Ideal for bags intended to carry substantial weight.
  • Easy Assembly: Customers can attach handles on demand, saving space and shipping costs.
  • Customizable: Length and color of the handles can be tailored to brand specifications.

Disadvantages #

  • Manual Attachment: Requires end-user assembly which may not be ideal for all.
  • Paper Thickness: Requires heavier paper or additional reinforcement for lighter grades.

Customization Options #

  • Handle Variations: Available in different lengths and colors to align with branding.
  • Reinforcement Options: Additional card stock can be added to the bag’s top flap for enhanced strength.
Updated on April 9, 2024
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