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Paper Bag Handle Fastening Style: Knotted Handles

luxury paper bags with Knotted Handles

This classic and versatile Tie Knot handle method adds a traditional touch to modern paper bags, combining simplicity with strength.

Assembly Instructions #

Punch holes at the top of the bag, thread the rope or ribbon through, and tie off with a single or double knot for secure handle attachment.

Advantages #

  • Universally Accessible: Easy to assemble with simple tools, no machinery needed.
  • Strong and Reliable: Knots provide a sturdy handle for carrying heavier items.
  • Aesthetic Variety: Suitable for a range of rope and ribbon types to match any design.

Disadvantages #

  • Time-Intensive: More labor required compared to machine-aided methods.
  • Consistency: Manual tying may lead to slight variations in knot size and tension.

Customization Options #

  • Material Choice: Options include cotton rope, PP rope, nylon, and various ribbons.
  • Knot Style: Flexibility to choose between single or double knots based on preference and functionality.
Updated on April 8, 2024
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