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Paper Bag Handle Fastening Style: Insert Top-Slit

ribbon handles using the Edda Handle Construction method, where ribbons are inserted through top slits and secured with glue for a clean, elegant look.

This style also called Edda Handle Construction, A premium choice for a refined look and robustness for luxury paper bag, the Edda Handle integrates directly with the bag’s design, offering a discreet yet sturdy carrying option.

Assembly Instructions #

For the Edda Handle, begin by threading your selected ribbon through the pre-cut slits at the top of the bag. Next, apply a line of hot melt glue under the slit to securely fasten the ribbon’s ends, ensuring a strong bond that holds the handle firmly in place.

Advantages #

  • Seamless aesthetics: Ensures a smooth presentation, keeping the focus on the bag’s design.
  • Strength: Reinforces the bag’s structure, accommodating heavier items securely.
  • Customizable: Offers a range of ribbon materials to match branding needs.

Disadvantages #

  • Manual assembly: Slightly increases production costs due to the hands-on process.
  • Paper weight requirements: Demands heavier paper or reinforcement, potentially limiting material options.

Customization Options #

  • Ribbon variety: Choose from satin, grosgrain, or cotton to complement your brand.
  • Paper specifications: 200gsm-300gsm with optional internal reinforcement for lighter weights, ensuring durability without compromising on style.
Updated on April 8, 2024
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