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Paper Bag Handle Fastening Style: Concealed Ends

gift paper bag with cotton ribbon handle stick in internal lip

This style also called Tonela Handle Construction, Discover the seamless integration of style and functionality with the Tonela Handle, an innovative approach to luxury paper bag handles.

Assembly Instructions #

Place the ends of the cord or ribbon through the pre-cut slits & holes from the inside of the top flap, securing them discreetly with hot melt glue for a clean finish.

Advantages #

  • Aesthetic Integration: Ensures a continuous design flow on the bag’s surface.
  • Versatility: Accommodates various ropes and ribbon styles.
  • Enhanced Strength: Offers additional support for carrying heavier items.

Disadvantages #

  • Manual Assembly: Involves a hands-on process, which may increase production time.
  • Paper Weight Limitation: Requires thicker paper to support handle integration without tearing.

Customization Options #

  • Handle Variety: Available for different handle materials, including cords and ribbons.
  • Paper Requirements: Optimal for 200gsm-300gsm paper weights, with reinforcement options for lighter papers.
Updated on April 8, 2024
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