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Nylon Rope Handles

nylon rope handles for paper bags

Our Nylon Rope handles are a testament to strength and endurance. Meticulously crafted from high-grade woven nylon string, these handles are built to support heavier weights, ensuring your paper bags uphold their contents with unwavering reliability

Material & Durability #

Woven from premium nylon fibers, these ropes are imbued with UV resistance, guaranteeing that they maintain their integrity and color even when exposed to sunlight. The smooth texture of the rope prevents fraying, while its non-shrink quality ensures consistent handle length and performance.

Specifications #

  • Composition: Woven nylon string, UV-resistant
  • Diameter Options: Customizable from 3mm to 6mm for tailored handle thickness
  • Color Selection: A wide range of colors to match any branding requirement
  • Shrink Resistance: Engineered to maintain dimensions without shrinking
  • Hook & Fray Resistance: Specially treated to minimize catching and unravelling

Applications #

Designed for paper bags intended for heavier items, these nylon ropes offer exceptional strength and a smooth feel, making them perfect for luxury retail bags, gourmet gift bags, and high-end promotional packaging.

Customization #

Tailor the nylon ropes to your brand’s unique aesthetic with our extensive color customization. From vibrant tones to subtle hues, we ensure your handles align perfectly with your design vision.

Shoe Buckle Integration #

Our nylon ropes can be securely fastened to paper bags using shoe buckles, available in:

  • Standard Colors: Choose from black, white, or transparent to complement classic design themes.
  • Metallic Buckles: Opt for a metallic finish to add a prestigious touch to your packaging.
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Updated on April 8, 2024
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