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Low Elastic Rope

low elastic rope for paper bags

Constructed from superior polyester, these ropes are built to last. Polyester’s high tensile strength ensures that the handles can support everyday use while maintaining their pristine condition, offering resistance to common wear-and-tear.

Specifications #

  • 2-Core Ropes: With a diameter of 4mm, these provide a fine balance of strength and flexibility.
  • 4-Core Ropes: At a 5mm diameter, they are robust for greater carrying capacities.
  • 5-Core Ropes: The thickest at 6mm, designed for the heaviest loads without compromising style.

Shoe Buckles on Ropes #

Our polyester ropes feature shoe buckles for a secure fit on paper bags. These buckles are available in:

  • Standard Colors: Black, white, and transparent to match classic designs.
  • Metallic Buckles: For an added touch of luxury.
  • Custom Colors: Tailored to represent your brand, subject to a minimum order quantity that aligns with a production of 10,000 paper bags.

Applications #

Ideal for high-end retail packaging, luxury paper bags, and bespoke event giveaways, these ropes, fitted with our shoe buckles, ensure that your paper bags are a cut above the rest, offering both elegance and ease of use.

Customization #

Align your brand with our customizable options, where ropes and buckles can be color-matched to your specifications. This level of personalization requires a minimum order, ensuring exclusivity and brand consistency.

Environmental Impact #

While polyester provides durability, we are conscious of our environmental footprint. We encourage the recycling of these synthetic ropes, in line with our commitment to sustainable business practices and minimizing waste.

Branded custom printed paper bags showcasing brand transformation and identity enhancement
Updated on April 8, 2024
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