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How much will I pay in customs?

Epackprinting offers a wide range of shipping options to ensure that you get your package on time and without worrying about customs fees. You can choose from tax-inclusive, so there’s no need for any additional payments when ordering with us!

We will handle all of the paperwork for international orders. You can rest assured knowing that your package won’t be subject to additional charges at arrival!

Here’s a handy reference on how much you will need to pay in customs for packaging. This number may be different depending upon where your shipments are headed and what they contain, but it should give an estimate anywhere!

Australia🇦🇺 : #

The Australian government has a few different rates when it comes to customs, depending on what you’re importing. The general rate for most products is 5% in Australian dollars but this can vary based off the type of goods being imported and how much they weigh compare with other countries’ weights/ volumes etc., so please contact your local department before making any purchases!

Mexico🇲🇽 #

Mexico’s value-added tax is charged on products above $50 USD. The rate depends upon the product and can be as high as 15% for certain goods, like cardboard boxes made out of paper with an HTS code beginning 4819 which typically carry 3%.

Canada🇨🇦: #

The 5% GST is a tax that can be applied to most items you import into Canada. The customs office provides an easy-to use calculator so people know how much they will owe in taxes before their goods arrive!

Singapore 🇸🇬 #

The Government of Singapore is committed to free trade and this has led them into being one of the most prosperous countries in Asia. More than 99% of all imports enter duty-free, with an additional 1% being exempt due their value not exceeding S$400; making it possible for goods subject only tax at 7%, which includes cost plus insurance or freight CIF as well any other chargeable expenses like customs duties if applicable – these will be collected when entering singaporean soil but not before then! Learn more here.

EU🇪🇺: #

The European Union has created a new way to classify goods and it’s easier than ever! The CN codes are eight digits long, consisting of six digit HS Code followed by two letter subheadings called “CN” which can be used as search terms. related fees will appear when viewing an item’s information if linked online or through customs forms etc…

South Korea 🇰🇷 #

Duty-free goods can be imported for less than 150,000 KRW. On top of that there is a 10% Value Added Tax (VAT) applied when importing items into Korea and you must pay it in Korean won within 15 days after clearing customs. The person who owe duty should voluntarily declaration their base price along with any applicable tariffs/taxes. Learn more here.

United States 🇺🇸 #

Importers should be aware that US Customs impose tariffs on all imported goods valued at 800 dollars or more. Values below this amount are tax free and will not incur any extra fees when importing them into the country, even if they have been priced cheaply compared to similar products sold domestically in order for there Margin margins. Learn more here.

United Kingdom 🇬🇧 #

Based on the customs classification, cardboard boxes for packaging are defined as “Section X: 48:19” goods. Per this calculator, You can expect to pay 20% in VAT’s if you purchase this from China.

Updated on July 31, 2022
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