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How can we help you?

Our team is always happy to help and specialize with all types of packaging including packaging boxes & paper bags.

Do you provide samples?

We know that before you place your first production order with us, it’s important to test the size of our packaging and get a visual representation for how we’ll print on boxes.

We have a variety of sample types available to fit your needs. Whether you’re checking the size or artwork for printing, we’ve got digital prints proofs and physical samples that can help get production started right away!

Custom Sized Samples #

You can test out different sizes and materials, see how your design will come together in real life before committing! just let me know 🙂

Structural Samples #

What is a structural sample(Prototyping&Dummy)? It’s the most ideal way to test how well your packaging works with products. Structural Samples are blank, unprinted samples of your production materials that allow you an opportunity for testing size and structure before printing or finishing any actual items in order make sure everything goes smoothly on Pre-production Sample or bulk order!

Simplified Samples #

Simplified Samples are often made with digital printer and sample plotter, so the print quality isn’t as crisp/sharp. You might also notice some small creases in your paper and it may be difficult to fold these papers easily- but don’t worry! These imperfections will not affect how well the final product looks when printed bulk.

Pre-production Samples #

Pre-production samples are the most expensive type of packaging sample because they’re 1 unit in size. If you want to make sure that your packaging looks just as good in real life, then pre-production samples are the way forward. These allow designers and manufactures you to see how your finished product will look before going into production on bulk orders and saves time on costly alterations or redresses later down line!

Color Proof #

Color proof is a representation of how your printed packaging will look after it’s been printed. There are many types and levels in accuracy, but no proof can ever look exactly as the final product. We’ll explain all about these different options so you know which type best suits your needs.

Digital Print Proof #

Digital print proof is printed with the latest in digital printing technology, these prints are perfect for checking your artwork’s alignment and seeing colors close to how they will appear on paper (~85% accuracy).

Press Proof #

We can provide you with a press proof of your artwork in CMYK/Pantone (e.g. offset printers), printed on the actual print facilities used to produce the bulk order. It’s an excellent way for seeing how colors will appear when they’re actually printed!

Pantone Color #

If you want to print a certain color but only want to use one printing ink, you use a spot color. Spot colors are primarily used when you want to print certain colors that are hard to reproduce with regular four-color print or if for some other reason you want to avoid screen percent value combinations with four-color print. Pantone and HKS are two systems for spot color. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a useful but somewhat inaccurate way of describing colors. Pantone colors often are specified for a company’s color profile and logotype, to ensure consistency, and are very commonly used when printing packaging.

Updated on January 1, 2023
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