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Customs Clearance Process for Importing Packaging

We offer a wide range shipping options that will suit your needs. When you use one of our tax and duties inclusive shipping options, we’ll take care everything on the side that deals with shipments. However, if you prefer to work with your own customs broker, there are a few things that you need to know for non tax and duties inclusive shipping option:

Before shipping #

What do we need from you? #

  1. Consignee – who must be named in the manifest with their contact information so that payment can be settled on any taxes or duties. We need first name, Last Name, phone number as well as Email address for communication purposes.
  2. EIN number – The EIN number is a 9-digit IRS assigned code that’s required for customs clearance – in order to facilitate tax and duty settlement, but it’s also useful if you want your business or personal taxes handled professionally by the government!

Epackprinting will provide: #

  1. Pack list – The packing list is a summary of product details, dimensions and weight for each shipping carton. It provides the information details about the shipment so you can properly handle it upon the bulk arrival in your country.
  2. Commercial Invoice – Commercial invoices are a list of all products, their prices and quantities. This information is necessary for customs to calculate any taxes or duties that may be imposed on the shipment as it enters into your country’s borders with you!

The shipment has arrived! #

The shipping process is now complete and your package will be delivered to you via a Bonded Warehouse, which stores imported goods upon entry. Once these formalities have been cleared by customs (including any taxes owed) the item are released for last-mile delivery–this means they’ll go straight from one of our facilities or trucks right into someone’s hands at their specified address!

Updated on August 1, 2022
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