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Packaging And Design For Books And Magazines

Packaging And Design For Books And Magazines

packaging boxes design for books and magazines
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Flat Cardboard Packaging Boxes For Magazine

Die-cut, multifaceted magazine packaging. This card package, designed to hold a limited edition magazine, shows how, by pushing the conventions of packaging design, we can produce something that is absolutely unique.

Promotional Book

Each three-paneled page is folded down to the size of one page and attached to the other pages with glue. The spine of the book is uncovered so that the neatly gathered folds are exposed and together look like a folded concertina. Two white pieces of board are used for the front and back cover.

Mailer Packaging Boxes For Books

Two books beautifully contained within a custom-made, thick corrugated board packaging boxes.

Rigid Folder For Magazine

Shown here is a great example of this “journal’s” design. they wanted to create something that looked like a book, but unfolded unexpectedly. The idea has been successfully executed to a very high and considered finish.

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Tony Gao

Business Director at Epack Printing Ltd, excels in blending brand storytelling with sustainable packaging solutions. Recognized as an innovator in the packaging industry.

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