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Design Guide: Greetings And Invitations

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design guide for greeting cards and invitations
Table of Contents

Invitation card with die-cut sleeve

This second anniversary invitation to the restaurant Smiths of Smithfi eld, uses a die-cut cowhide device to reveal the “SOS 2” information. The inner invitation then slides out to formally invite you to the party. The cowhide design references the restaurant’s location in the Smithfi eld meat market.

Invitation card for the opening

Die-cut and perforated invitation/mailer that can be assembled into a diagrammatic replica of the gallery space.

Map invitation & catalog

Future Map is an annual show celebrating the best work of graduates from The London Institute. For the exhibition, sans+baum created uncoated paper bag invitations which were sent out shrink-wrapped. Information sheets placed next to the works could be torn off by the visitors and collected into the bag, thereby turning it into a low-tech, handmade catalog of the show.

Desk Invitation card for a fashion show

Printed single color, die-cut, and folded to make a free-standing desk card.

Party invitation cards

This invitation has a multiple concertina fold with a set of ever-decreasing concentric circles die-cut into the center of each one. The last concentric circle is printed and reveals itself to be the “O” in EON. The last concertina fold is perforated into two halves which can be torn off and used. One is the invitation card and the other an RSVP form.

Fashion invitation card with cut-out strips

Opened out flat, this invitation is simply five cut-out strips lined to create a square. It is angled on the page like a diamond and creased through the middle. When this is folded, the die-cut spaces and the strips between them overlap to create the lace-like pattern and effect.

Birthday card with the square small card in the center cutout to rotate freely.

This invitation is a play on “turning” 40 years old. The birthday card plays with 1950s-style wallpaper and material pattern effects printed in gold, brown, and strong pink. A small square of stiff card is set inside a square cut-out in the invitation, which twirls around when it is removed from the envelope. It is held together by a delicate thread of gold that allows the square to rotate freely.

Shirt-shaped invitation cards

Press day invitation for menswear, Shirt-shaped invitation constructed from one sheet of paper, printed with purple gingham.

Concertina-style folded invitation cards

This invitation to the Matisse Picasso exhibition at London’s Tate Modern, uses a concertina-style folded paper with the faces of the two artists cut up and spliced together. The individual faces appear only when the invitation is held up and the folds are viewed obliquely.

Greetings cards

Cardboard packaging for a festive greeting, based on the idea of receiving boring and diabolically inappropriate and/or ill-fitting gifts from elderly relatives. This simple card folder could easily be adapted to hold a number of different items.

Die-cut Folded Invitation for opening

This invitation to the opening of the interior design company Rabih Hage, uses folds and die-cuts to open into a shop window format. Looking through the die-cut rectangle, you can see examples of products available through silhouetted illustrations.

Wedding invitation cards

The small folder contains a collection of wraps and cards made from such materials as handmade and Japanese paper. It also utilizes the craft-like quality of letterpress printing and metallic silver hand-stamps.

Unique Invitation Cards with cutout shape

This unusual piece is constructed from a single piece of card cut into an “n” shape with a “tail,” the bridge of the “n” and the tail each forming half the size of the uprights. When the card is folded up, concertina-style, the tail on the right folds inward through the center to tuck and glue round the upright on the left, transforming into the clever hinged invitation that opens both ways.

Concertina paper-sculpture invitation cards

Concertina paper-sculpture card. Letters have been carefully cut from the reverse of each fold to create this stunning effect.

Concertina-folded invitation cards

Concertina-folded card invitations for the BBC’s summer party. These fans have a dual function. Not only are they invitations, they are also usable fans.

Greeting Cards With Feather

Crimson metallic envelope custom die-cut in the shape of an open flover. The envelope is flat on one side and pops up into a dimensional object on the other. The envelope flaps are letterpress scored, folded, and held closed with foil stickers.

Invitation Cards with 3D Pop-up

The parallel fold on this press conference invitation for the Royal Horticultural Society creates a topiary hedge on which a cockerel sits.

Invitation Folder with compass shape

This folder opens on all four sides and unfurls into a compass shape with a red flap, pointing due north.

Greetings cards with slide insert

Slide card that reveals a set of dates when moved.

Greeting Cards with a three-dimensional ampersand

This card folds to make a three-dimensional ampersand.

Metal invitation tag

MeMetal invitation tag, packaged in a simple but stylishly elongated folder, which doubles up as an envelope.

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