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Custom Rigid Boxes For Different Industries

Premium and luxurious rigid boxes customised for all your packaging needs. Let your products wear formal clothes and let your products get the luxurious treatment they deserve in our custom boxes.

Assortment of custom rigid boxes in various colors and sizes, designed for luxury packaging solutions. This collection features premium setup boxes with minimalistic designs, suitable for high-end products, offered at competitive prices with low minimum order requirements.

Explore All Custom Rigid Boxes Styles

 Epackprinting has a full library of custom rigid boxes packaging that can protect your products and add value. Give your products the premium protection they deserve with Epackprinting’s custom rigid boxes! We offer a comprehensive collection of luxury packaging that can give you an edge against competitors. Our structural designs and high-grade materials guarantee superior quality, so when it comes to promotional items or gift boxes, we make sure their unboxing experience is second to none. With us, every item arrives in style!

PREMIUM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEExpertly Designed and Constructed Rigid Boxes

custom rigid set up boxes with custom logo

Professional assistance

Work one-on-one with our product expert who will provide tailored guidance to ensure that your luxury rigid set-up boxes perfectly fit your specific needs.

Top-notch standards

Our rigid set-up boxes are made with the finest chipboard, advanced printing technology and premium surface coatings, resulting in a luxurious feel and look.

Completely customizable

You can select the best option based on your requirements. Our custom rigid boxes can be customized in various unique shape design, printing, finishing and more.

Environmentally conscious

Our rigid box materials are made with a commitment to the circular economy and include recycled content, showing our dedication to reducing packaging waste.

Options & Materials

Epackprinting offers a world of customization options with complimentary design support from professional experts. Our advanced printing technology gives these luxury rigid boxes an impressive finishes. Then add a subtle touch of elegance using one of many premium surface coatings for that perfect look! View Our Full Material Options

Custom Structure

Custom Structure

Fully customized rigid structures tailored to your specifications.

Custom Inserts

Custom Inserts

Precisely engineered custom inserts that protect your products from damage.

Unlimited Accessories

Unlimited Accessories

Unlimited selection of custom accessories like handles and buttons for you to choose.

Plastic Blister Tray

Plastic Blister Tray

Plastic Blister Tray can protect your products and it can contain the item snugly.

Leather / Velvet

Leather / Velvet

Meticulously crafted premium custom leather and velvet rigid boxes.



We can print, foil, screen color, Embroidery on Fabric/Cloth/Satin material.

Unlimited Paper

Unlimited Paper

Unlimited selection of textured and colored paper for you to choose from.

Custom Ribbons

Custom Ribbons

Wide selection of custom luxurious ribbons for you to choose from.

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Unable to find the option you’re seeking? Let our sourcing experts help you out!

Custom Creative Packaging Boxes

When you need something packaging that truly stands out, a creative unique box is your best choice. Designing specialty boxes is what Epack does best. Our Creative Center has been a great platform for designer to put their thought into reality, particularly for new packaging structural design. Our specialist will help you decide which box options best suit your needs.

Custom Rigid Gift Box with 3D Pop-ups for Chocolates
Custom Rigid Gift Box with 3D Pop-ups for Chocolates
Innovative Rigid Hexagonal Packaging Box Design
Innovative Rigid Hexagonal Packaging Box Design
Custom Luxury Rigid Box for Lipstick
Custom Luxury Rigid Box for Lipstick
Luxury 3D Pop-Up Christmas Gift Box
Luxury 3D Pop-Up Christmas Gift Box
Rigid Slipcase with Rotatable Triangle Drawer
Rigid Slipcase with Rotatable Triangle Drawer
Paintbrush Set Collection Packaging Box
Paintbrush Set Collection Packaging Box

Beautifully Crafted And Solid Rigid Boxes

Effective packaging can serve more than just the basic function of protecting products, play a role in your customer’s decision making. It has the ability to establish customer expectations and create a sense of luxury that is often associated with high quality. By utilizing custom rigid boxes, businesses can effectively demonstrate the value of their products through visually striking and luxurious designs. These boxes not only provide security and protection, but also add a touch of sophistication to the overall presentation.


Professionally Crafted Luxury Packaging

Your product is the star of the unboxing experience, but your box also needs to be crafted perfectly to reflect your brand’s quality. Our structural engineers ensure that your custom printed rigid boxes are meticulously measured and tailored to fit your premium products comfortably.

custom rigid setup boxes
custom rigid setup boxes with insert&trays


Elegant Exterior With Tough Interior

Customizing a high-end box doesn’t just refer to its visual aesthetics. Epackprinting strives to produce tear and damage resistant rigid set up boxes to also prevent your valuable products from potential damage. We provide high grade materials and protective inserts to help protect your valuable products even further.


Unlimited Rigid Packaging Possibilities

Want your brand to stand out and make a statement? Our packaging experts will recommend you the best possible option for your box to outshine your competition. Whether it’s a rigid magnetic gift box, luxury mailing box, or a custom set up box with window patching, we can create it!

luxurious custom rigid boxes

Dedicated Support to Your Packaging Journey

Our packaging specialists provide service support at any point of your packaging journey for total success. With tailored one-on-one consultation, you’ll receive the personalized experience you deserve from ideation to production and delivery. Our mission is to provide a superior unboxing experience for you and your customers.


Our specialists collaborate with you to develop effective packaging strategies by understanding your goals and requirements.

Structural Design

Transforming intricate concepts into practical and efficient real-world packaging solutions is the job of our skilled structural engineers.

Artwork Design

Professional packaging designers offer exciting designs to make your product stand out in the market with visually appealing packaging artwork.

Mockup & Prototyping

Validate your new design in 3D or get a physical prototype to ensure the packaging before production. Be confident about your packaging with our prototyping service.


We provide the highest industry-standard manufacturing through our global packaging capabilities, resulting in premium packaging at competitive prices.

Hassle-Free Logistics

Our team manages deliveries to your office, home, or fulfillment center, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Sit back and relax while we handle the logistics.

What Our Customers Say

Find out how our customized rigid setup boxes and inserts have revolutionized the branding of more than a thousand enterprises by exhibiting their merchandise and enhancing their brand image. Our patrons can’t stop praising the superior quality and individualized approach that distinguishes them from the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore these common queries about custom rigid set-up boxes. Contact us for further assistance!

What is a rigid set-up box?

A rigid set-up box is a type of packaging box that is constructed from durable materials, such as chipboard or paperboard, and features a rigid, non-collapsible or collapsible structure. It is typically used for packaging high-end or luxury products, such as electronics, cosmetics, and jewelry, and is often designed with custom graphics or branding to enhance the product’s presentation. Rigid set-up boxes are also known as “setup boxes” or “rigid boxes.”

There are several benefits of using custom rigid set-up boxes for your product, including:

  • Durability: Rigid set-up boxes are made from sturdy materials and provide superior protection to your product during shipping and handling.
  • Professional appearance: The sleek and sophisticated appearance of custom rigid set-up boxes makes them ideal for packaging high-end or luxury products, helping to elevate the perceived value of your product.
  • Customizability: With custom rigid set-up boxes, you have the flexibility to design a box that is unique to your brand, and that complements the look and feel of your product.
  • Marketing potential: Custom rigid set-up boxes provide ample space for branding and messaging, allowing you to promote your product and communicate important information to your customers.
  • Reusability: Rigid set-up boxes can be used for storage or repurposed by customers, providing an additional benefit to your product beyond just the initial packaging.

Custom rigid set-up boxes can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the specific requirements of your product. Some of the most common materials used for rigid set-up boxes include:

Grey board / Millboard: Grey board, also known as millboard, is a type of paperboard that is made from recycled materials. It is often used for the production of custom rigid set-up boxes and other types of packaging. Grey board is made by compressing recycled paper fibers together with glue, and is characterized by its high density and strength. It typically has a grey or beige color, and can be coated or laminated to provide additional protection against moisture and other environmental factors. Because of its strength and durability, grey board is a popular choice for packaging products that require a high level of protection during shipping and handling.

C2S Art Paper: Both (2/s) side art paper, also known as coated two sides (C2S) art paper, is a type of paper that has been coated with a layer of clay or other material on both sides, which makes it glossy and ideal for printing high-quality graphics and text, and has a glossy finish that enhances the visual appeal of the printed product.

Art paper provide a high-quality surface for printing custom graphics and designs that help the product stand out on store shelves. They also provide a level of protection for the box, helping to keep it clean and free from scratches and other damage.

Natural Brown Kraft Paper: It is a type of paper material that is commonly used for gift boxes and rigid packaging boxes. It is a strong, unbleached paper that has a natural brown color and a coarse texture. This material is known for its durability and eco-friendliness, as it is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable. Its earthy appearance also makes it a popular choice for products with a natural or rustic aesthetic. Overall, Natural Brown Kraft is a versatile and sustainable option for creating high-quality and stylish packaging.

White Kraft Paper: white kraft is a type of paper material that is commonly used for packaging and printing. It is made from a mix of virgin and recycled pulp and is bleached to create a white appearance. The paper has a coating on both sides, which makes it suitable for printing and graphic applications. It is a popular choice for high-end retail packaging, as it provides a clean, sophisticated look. White Kraft Paper is also known for its sustainability and eco-friendliness, as it is recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, and sustainably made. Overall, White Kraft Paper is a versatile and environmentally friendly option for creating high-quality packaging and printed materials.

Black Kraft Paper: It is a type of kraft paper that has been dyed black and is typically made from a mix of virgin and recycled pulp. It is coated on both sides, making it suitable for foiling, screening printing, spot uv and commonly used in the production of high-end packaging, such as luxury gift boxes, shopping bags, and other premium packaging products. Like other types of kraft paper, black kraft paper is recyclable and biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly option for those who are environmentally conscious.

Gold/Silver/Hologram paper: Metallic papers are often used in luxury rigid set-up packaging boxes to add a premium and eye-catching look. These specialty papers are made with a metallic laminated surface that can come in glossy or matte finishes. Gold and silver papers can add a touch of elegance and sophistication, while hologram papers can create a unique and attention-grabbing visual effect with its iridescent and rainbow-like colors.

Textured paper: Textured paper also called fancy paper, is a premium-grade paper stock that features a unique texture on its surface, typically used for wrapping rigid boxes. The texture can range from a subtle embossed pattern to a more pronounced, deeply textured design, depending on the specific type of paper.

Textured paper is often made from high-quality fibers that give it a more luxurious and durable feel than regular paper. This makes it an ideal choice for packaging high-end products that require a more sophisticated and upscale look and feel.

Some common applications for textured paper include gift wrapping, product packaging, and stationery. It can be found in a range of colors and patterns, making it a versatile option for a variety of different projects. Additionally, some textured paper varieties are eco-friendly, made from recycled or sustainably-sourced materials.

Overall, textured paper is a premium-quality option for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your packaging or paper-based projects.

Special Material: With the continuous development of new materials and technologies, there are many different types of special materials that can be used in the field of rigid packaging box. Here are some common examples:

PE/PU Leather: Polyethylene (PE) and Polyurethane (PU) leather are synthetic materials that mimic the look and feel of genuine leather. They are durable, water-resistant, and can be printed or embossed with various designs to add texture and visual interest to a packaging box.

Satin/TC/Buckram Cloth: These types of fabrics are often used to add a soft, luxurious feel to rigid packaging boxes. Satin is a glossy, smooth fabric that is often used for wedding and luxury product packaging. TC (Tetoron cotton) is a blend of polyester and cotton that is breathable, soft, and easy to dye. Buckram cloth is a stiff, durable fabric that can be used for more structured boxes.

Velvet: Velvet is a plush, soft fabric that can add a touch of elegance and luxury to a packaging box. It is available in a range of colors and can be printed, embroidered, or embossed to create a unique design.

Overall, the use of special materials in the field of rigid packaging box can add value and visual appeal to a product, making it stand out on the shelf and increasing its perceived value.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for packaging is dependent on the type of product that is being ordered, and for rigid boxes, this can vary significantly based on the specific materials and production processes involved. We are unable to provide a fixed MOQ without all the details of the order.

However, we understand that some businesses may require smaller quantities of custom rigid set-up boxes, and we are happy to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs while still being cost-effective. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific order requirements, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

The production time for custom rigid set-up boxes can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the design, the order quantity, the materials used, and the production capacity of the packaging company.

Typically, the production time for custom rigid set-up boxes ranges from 2 to 6 weeks, but this can be shorter or longer depending on the specifics of the order. For smaller orders or simpler designs, the production time may be shorter, while larger orders or more complex designs may take longer to produce.

Absolutely! We highly recommend ordering a sample of your custom rigid box before placing a larger order, particularly if you are ordering custom printed rigid boxes. We offer a variety of sample types to suit different use cases and help ensure the best possible outcome for your final product. You can find more information about our sample types on our website.

If you are interested in ordering a sample, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our product specialists by phone or email. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of requesting a sample.

Yes, Epackprinting offers a variety of finish options for custom rigid boxes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your design and branding needs. Some of the most common finish options for custom rigid boxes include:

  1. Matte Lamination: A smooth, non-glossy finish that provides a subtle and elegant look.
  2. Glossy Lamination: A shiny, reflective finish that adds a high-end look and can make colors and graphics pop.
  3. Soft-touch Lamination: A velvet-like finish that feels smooth to the touch and offers a premium, tactile experience.
  4. Anti-Scratch Lamination: Anti-scratch lamination is a finishing option for packaging that provides an extra layer of protection to prevent scratches and other types of damage.
  5. Textured: A finish with a unique texture or pattern that adds dimension and visual interest to the box.
    Foil stamping: A metallic or colored foil is pressed onto the surface of the box, creating a shiny, eye-catching effect.
  6. Embossing or debossing: A design or pattern is raised or pressed into the surface of the box, adding depth and texture.
  7. Spot UV: Spot UV (ultraviolet) is a finishing technique used in packaging to add a glossy, high-shine effect to certain areas of a design. It is achieved by applying a clear, glossy varnish to specific areas of the packaging, which creates a contrast between the shiny and matte surfaces of the packaging.
  8. Special Finishing: Silk Screening/Spot Thickness UV/ Glittering/Flocking/ Glow in the Dark/ Fluorescent/UV Varnishing (glossy / matt)/Machine varnishing/Calendar Varnishing/Blister Varnishing/ Water-base Varnishing/Playing card varnishing.

When choosing a finish for your custom rigid box, consider the overall aesthetic of your brand and the intended use of the packaging. The right finish can help your packaging stand out and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Yes, we offer a range of options for custom rigid boxes that can fit a variety of budgets. Our selection includes different materials, styles, and customization options, which can help you create a luxurious packaging experience that meets your cost requirements.

Additionally, we can suggest alternatives to rigid boxes, such as rigid collapsible box, which can be a more cost-effective option while still providing a high-quality packaging solution. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and budget, and we can work with you to find the best packaging solution for your business.

Whether custom rigid boxes are eco-friendly or not depends on several factors such as the materials used, the production process, and the disposal options.

Generally, rigid boxes are made from durable materials such as paperboard, chipboard, or plastic, which can be recycled, but the degree of recyclability can vary depending on the material and the specific design of the box. In addition, some boxes may be coated with laminates or other finishes that may make them less environmentally friendly.

To make custom rigid set-up boxes more eco-friendly, Epackprinting offers sustainable and recyclable options, such as using FSC-certified paperboard or incorporating biodegradable materials into the design. Additionally, our factory use sustainable production processes that minimize waste and energy use.

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