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Rigid Flip Lid Box with Led lights and Music

All are fully customizable in size and design.

Introducing our one-of-a-kind Custom Music Box – a seamless blend of beauty, craftsmanship, and innovation, perfect for making any occasion extraordinary.

Made with a sturdy 1280gsm grey board and wrapped in luxurious red soft touch paper, this unique music box is a delight both to the eyes and to the touch. Its sophisticated Rigid Flip Lid Box style opens up to reveal a mirror, complemented by a plastic tray adorned with printed paper card.

But what truly sets this box apart is its interactive, customized musical experience. As you approach the open box, get ready for a mesmerizing blend of sound and light. Watch as the lights flash rhythmically, in sync with the melody, creating a miniature private concert just for you. Choose your own music and light color, tailoring the experience to your mood and taste. Each musical interlude is generally around one minute, but you have the freedom to adjust the duration.

But the surprises don’t end here! Inside, a drawer slides out smoothly from the front, equipped with a light sensor that triggers an LED light. This ensures your stored items are always in the spotlight, adding an extra dash of magic every time you open it.

Our Custom Music Box is the perfect companion for Christmas product packaging, brand promotion, VIP gifting needs, company presents, or special occasions like Halloween. Embrace the opportunity to make your own music box and gift a truly personal, unforgettable experience.




1280gsm grey board + Red soft touch paper


Gold hot stamping on lid.


Soft Touch Coating


Plastic blister with printing card on top.


Exported Carton


Rigid Flip Lid Box with Led lights and Music

Benefits of Our Custom Music Box:

Personalized: Customize the music and light color to create a truly personal experience.
Interactive: The music and lights work in harmony, providing a unique sensory experience.
High-Quality Materials: Crafted from 1280gsm grey board and wrapped in red soft touch paper.
Sophisticated Design: The Rigid Flip Lid Box style, complete with a mirror and a beautifully decorated tray.
Perfect for Any Occasion: Ideal for holiday packaging, brand promotion, VIP gifts, corporate presents, and special occasions.
LED-lit Drawer: Illuminates your stored items, adding a touch of magic every time you open the box.

Make your moments special with our Unique Music Box. Place an order now and step into a world of rhythmic lights and personalized melodies.

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