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Gift Bag with Ribbon

All are fully customizable in size and design.

Introducing our Gift Bag with Ribbon, an exceptional packaging solution designed to elevate your brand. Crafted with a durable 300gsm C1S material, these bags are built for toughness and reliability, promising to protect your valuable products from damage.

Printed in elegant CMYK, the design is as sophisticated as it is versatile, ensuring it fits every occasion, whether it be for gift, cosmetic, retail, jewelry, apparel, or restaurant packaging. The matte lamination doesn’t just boost the aesthetic appeal; it also offers an extra layer of protection, ensuring your bag looks fantastic, no matter what.

Our standout feature is the custom logo embossing – a personalized touch that speaks volumes about your attention to detail. Complemented by the grosgrain ribbon handles, not only does it enhance the luxurious feel of the bag, but it also makes it comfortable and secure to hold.




300gsm C1S


CMYK Printing


Matt Lamination

Special Options

3D Embossing, Blind Embossing

Bag Handles

Grosgrain ribbon tie knots


Exported Carton


Gift Bag with Ribbon


Boost Your Brand Image: With its high-quality construction and design, our Gift Bag with Ribbon enhances your brand’s perceived value, showing your customers that you value quality.
Versatility Unmatched: Perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications, from gift packaging to restaurant takeaways, making it a smart choice for businesses across sectors.
Leave a Lasting Impression: The tasteful design and high-end finishes ensure a positive impression that keeps your brand memorable in the minds of your customers.

Prices are based on the size and quantity of your order. To get a personalized quote and find out how our Gift Bag with Ribbon can help elevate your brand, get in touch with us today!


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