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Kraft Packaging Boxes

All are fully customizable in size and design.

Unleash the power of eco-friendly and efficient packaging with our Kraft Packaging Boxes. Our tuck-end design on top and a secure snap-lock on the bottom make these corrugated packaging boxes a breeze to assemble, ensuring your products stay safe and well-protected.

Every inch of our Kraft Packaging Boxes is designed with an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. The boxes are fashioned from robust, corrugated material that stands up to rigorous shipping conditions while supporting your green initiatives.

Whether you’re shipping delicate chocolates or robust retail products, our boxes offer the flexibility and durability you need. Their unique construction features superior closure panels on both the top and bottom, providing additional security to whatever treasures they hold.




300gsm brown kraft paper + B-Flute Single Face.


Pantone color.


Exported Carton


Kraft Packaging Boxes

Key Benefits:

Effortless Assembly: With a tuck end on top and snap lock on the bottom, our boxes offer an easy, fuss-free packaging experience.
Superior Protection: Crafted from durable, corrugated material, these boxes provide maximum protection, ensuring your products arrive safely at their destination.
Eco-friendly Choice: Our Kraft Packaging Boxes support your green initiatives, crafted from recyclable material that reduces your environmental impact.
Versatile Use: Perfect for shipping, product packaging, chocolate packaging, or as a carry container, our boxes adapt to your needs.
Secure Design: Featuring closure panels on both the top and bottom, our boxes add an extra layer of security for your items.

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