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Hanger Boxes for Electronics

All are fully customizable in size and design.

Shake up the shelves and spotlight your electronic products with our unique, Custom Hanger Boxes for Electronics. Crafted with 350gsm C1S material and coated with a matte lamination finish, these boxes not only protect but also enhance the presentation of your product. From headphones to chargers, USB cables, power adapters, portable hard drives, memory cards, and even small gaming accessories, our hanger boxes are as versatile as your needs.

But we don’t stop there. We understand that your product is unique, and your packaging should reflect that. That’s why we offer full customization options – from the material and lamination to printing based on your specific artwork design. These aren’t just boxes; they are an extension of your brand and a testament to your commitment to quality.

So, give your electronics the packaging they deserve, and watch as our Hanger Boxes make them stand out on any shelf.




350gsm C1S


CMYK + Pantone Color


Matt Lamination


Exported Carton


Hanger Boxes for Electronics


Increased visibility: The unique hanger design ensures your product won’t be missed in a retail environment.
Built to last: Superior 350gsm C1S material offers unrivaled durability, keeping your products safe.
Versatility personified: Ideal for packaging a wide range of electronics, our hanger boxes adapt to your needs.
Full customization: Tailor the material, lamination, and print artwork design to fit your unique specifications.
Professional and sleek: The matte finish and secure slit lock tuck flap elevate the unboxing experience, enhancing the perceived value of your product.

Embrace the power of effective packaging with our Hanger Boxes for Electronics. It’s not just a box; it’s your brand’s first impression. Make it count.

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