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Blind Debossing Paper Tags

All are fully customizable in size and design.

Experience the tactile elegance of our Blind Debossing Paper Hang Tags. At Epackprinting, we understand that your brand’s visibility extends beyond the digital realm – it’s a sensory experience.

Our Blind Debossing Hang Tags are meticulously crafted to make your products not only visually appealing but also a delight to touch. These hang tags take the sensory experience to the next level. Made with a choice of top-quality paper materials such as coated paper, specialty paper, white/black card paper, brown/white kraft paper, textured paper, and even leather, we ensure that every tag is as unique as your brand.

Each tag can be customized entirely to your preference, with a myriad of sizes available and the flexibility to shape your design. And it’s not just about the paper and design – we’ve also got you covered when it comes to the finishing touches. Choose from accessories like metal eyelets, safety pins, metal chains, hang tag strings, and ribbon ropes to complete the look.

In terms of thickness, we offer a range that suits your needs, starting from a lean 250g to a substantial 1200g. This means you have full control over the weight and feel of your hang tags.

Perfect for a range of products and industries, from fashion to homemade crafts, our Blind Debossing Hang Tags are versatile. They’re more than just tags – they’re an embodiment of your brand’s personality, an extension of your ethos, and a tactile reminder of your quality. Stand out from the crowd with our Blind Debossing Paper Hang Tags.




1200gsm uncoated paper



Special Options

Blind Debossing

Tag String

Wax string, PP string


Exported Carton


Blind Debossing Paper Tags

Key Benefits:

Unique Sensory Experience: The blind debossing process adds a tangible element to your tags, creating a unique sensory experience for customers.
Customizable: Tailor the size, design, material, and thickness of your hang tags to perfectly match your brand and products.
Quality Materials: Choose from a variety of premium paper materials, ensuring your hang tags reflect the quality of your products.
Versatile: These tags are suitable for all types of products, making them a versatile choice for any business.
Brand Enhancement: These hang tags not only identify your products but also subtly communicate your brand’s image and values.

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