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Custom Packaging Boxes for Tea

All are fully customizable in size and design.

Delight Your Customers with Our Premium Custom Packaging Boxes for Tea

Meet the ultimate packaging solution that perfectly balances functionality with aesthetics – our Roll End 3 Flap Lock Custom Packaging Boxes for Tea. These boxes, meticulously designed for businesses, are your first choice for packaging loose tea bags, candies, biscuits, chocolates, and more.

Our boxes ensure supreme protection with their distinctive Roll End 3 Flap Lock design. Featuring a secure locking flap and dust flaps, your products are safeguarded, maintaining their pristine condition all through the journey.

We know your time is precious, and our boxes reflect that understanding. They’re fast and easy to assemble, liberating you from the hassle of complicated packaging processes. The result? An unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers, helping your brand shine in their memory.

Constructed from robust 350gsm C1S material and embellished with Pantone color prints inside and out, our boxes epitomize premium quality. A Matt lamination on the outside bolsters durability, ensuring your packaging withstands whatever the transit throws its way.

But that’s not all. Our boxes come with a thoughtful divider to keep your products orderly and neat. Your customers will relish the delight of finding their tea bags, candies, or cookies arranged to perfection.

And for the final touch, we’ve added a customizable sleeve that wraps snugly around the middle of the box. This sleeve is a canvas for your creativity – print your logo, slogan, or any vital information. It’s all about making your brand unforgettable.




350gsm C1S


Pantone Color on both sides of the box, Full color printing on sleeve.


Matt Lamination


Divider – 300gsm C1S


Exported Carton


Custom Packaging Boxes for Tea


  • Unparalleled product protection with our unique Roll End 3 Flap Lock design
  • Save valuable time with our fast and easy-to-assemble boxes
  • Deliver a memorable unboxing experience, enhancing your brand’s resonance
  • Present your product in a high-quality, premium box
  • Keep your products orderly with the integrated divider
  • Customizable sleeve for showcasing your brand’s identity

Leap ahead in search rankings with our Custom Packaging Boxes for Tea. Place your order today, be it for tea box packaging, tea boxes wholesale, or custom tea boxes.

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