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Custom Box Inserts

Our meticulously crafted custom box inserts not only protect your products but showcase them with style. At affordable rates, you can rest assured that your unique packaging needs will be met with the utmost quality.

custom inserts & trays for packaging boxes

Expertly Engineered Inserts for Optimal Product Protection

Delve into our diverse selection of custom inserts and discover the ideal material for your product. Our skilled team meticulously designs and manufactures each packaging insert, tailored to the precise shape and size of your product. For an uncompromising fit and optimal product safety, trust in our expertise.

Finishing Options to Enhance Your Packaging Aesthetics

Our inserts and trays offer more than just product protection – they enhance your brand’s visual appeal too. Choose from delicate yet secure EVA, foam, or Cardboard & Corrugated Inserts, or opt for the lightweight durability of our plastic tray inserts. With an array of materials at your disposal, we cater to every packaging need.

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Transforming Your Ideas into Tangible Packaging Solutions

We envision your packaging not only as a protective measure but also as an opportunity to dazzle your customers. Epackprinting is committed to crafting high-quality, custom inserts that provide superior protection while enhancing your product’s aesthetic appeal.

Special Protective Packaging

Our bespoke packaging inserts are meticulously designed and crafted to safeguard your products against potential damage. With a precise fit, superior materials, and unwavering quality, we ensure your customers enjoy the ultimate unboxing experience.

custom boxes insert for your products
custom packaging boxes insert

Cost-Effective, Custom-Tailored Inserts for Your Products

Our in-house design professionals make sure your products are packaged with a keen eye on sustainable practices and cost-effectiveness. Without compromising on safety, we optimize material usage to keep costs low, all while providing superior product protection.

Versatile Custom Inserts for Every Industry

Regardless of your packaging’s durability, custom inserts are crucial for maintaining product integrity. With our expertise, navigating the world of packaging inserts won’t be overwhelming. We accommodate the unique strengths of different materials to provide you with the optimal packaging insert solution, whether it be foam, cardboard, molded pulp, or any other material.

professionally custom boxes insert

What Our Customers Say

Read about how our custom foam, cardboard, and plastic inserts have made a positive impact on our clients’ products and brands. Let our services set your packaging apart!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions around packaging insert & tray. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

What is the order process of packaging inserts & trays ?

Step – 1. Choose the right material:

Packaging box inserts are an essential component of packaging, providing a protective layer between the product and the packaging itself. They can range from simple to more complex materials, depending on the products they’re protecting. Common packaging box inserts often include:

  • Foam & EVA tray.
  • Corrugated inserts.
  • Cardboard inserts.
  • Molded pulp inserts.
  • Blister Inserts.
  • EPE trays

Step – 2. Get a quote.Step – 3. Structural design.
Step – 4. Place sample order.
Step – 5. Place the bulk order after confirmed the sample.
Step – 6. Shipping.

Starting from 100 pieces per designs together with the outer packaging box. pls check with our packaging experts if you need smaller quantity packaging inserts , and and we will figure out a way!.

Yes, of course. Give your product packaging a truly personalized touch with our range of customizable options! We can print artwork designs onto paper cardboard, foam and EVA trays (in which case the design will be printed on to a card that is glued onto them). For leather insertions, as well as blister packs or molded pulp inserts we offer additional finishes such as screening color techniques along with hot stamping debossing and embossing.

Yes we can help you create the perfect insert for your product with our experienced packaging experts! We understand that your product is unique and requires special attention. We’ll create a custom template specifically tailored to your product’s size, shape, and structural integrity requirements so that you can be confident that it will fit perfectly inside your outer packaging box. Whether you’re looking for an innovative design or just need help with the dieline, we have the expertise and skills needed to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Yes, you can purchase a sample of the packaging insert to test the size of the cutouts and check its quality. We offer custom packaging inserts with a range of sizes and shapes to accommodate all your needs. Our packaging inserts are designed to be easy to use and secure your products in place during shipping and storage.

Add protection to your  packaging

Packaging Inserts Made for Boxes of Any Shape and Size, Whether you are looking for a packaging manufacturer or a design service, we can help you solve all your problems!