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design guide for brochures and catalogs
Table of Contents

Catalog With A Extended Cover

This saddle-stitched catalog incorporates an extended cover section that wraps back around itself to form eight internal panels, on which small reproductions of Brandt’s images appear.

Large-format exhibition catalog

This catalog has a polypropylene cover which allows it to be folded in half and clipped together with press studs to form a “handbag,” making it more manageable to carry around.

Fashion catalog

This luxurious catalog consists of roll-folded front and back covers and contains a series of acetate sheets that slowly reveal the photographic images within as they are turned.

Creative Brochure

This pocketbook-format brochure folds out to 395mm x 395mm. It has a plain black card cover that uses a black elastic band to seal it.

Brochure for Zanders FinePapers

This brochure works initially as a conventional document with eight double-section pages. However, it is possible to unfold the brochure into a fl at sheet, and once this is done, the method that makes the brochure possible is revealed. The fl at sheet is cut along the central fold, which allows the folding to be made.

Jewelry catalog

An original format and binding system is used for this jewelry designer’s promotional brochure. The pages are circular in form and the outer covers are made from two different colored sheets of perspex, cut into a square format. The binding is one brass binding screw, which allows the brochure to be fanned out.

Portfolio brochure

This large-format concertina portfolio can be read through each opening or by laying the whole work out. There is no explanatory text; the work for often well-known clients and Frost’s layout are enough to tell the story.

Brochure for architecture firm

Simple but lavishly produced card folder. This heavyweight, metallic card stock has been die-cut with subtle radius corners and then fixed with a metal snap closure. The cover is finished with a shiny square label.

Circular folder brochure

This museum brochure has a bowed edge which allows the rectangular inserts to protrude, prompting a dialogue between a curve and a straight line. In flat form, the folder template is a circle with a skinny wedge of pie missing at six o’clock. The sliced bottom of the sphere folds up to form pocket flaps.

Promotional brochure

This multi-fold brochure consists of a number of flaps that, when opened, reveal the company’s brochure, business card, and covering letter.

Brochure with lock tab

Part brochure, part folder, and part envelope, this hybrid piece features folded tabs that cradle interchangeable postcard inserts. The package closes with a tab/slot system.

Gallery brochure

Several carefully placed die-cuts and strikes on this card brochure help to create what almost look like shelves or showcase space for this jewelry client. The effect is easily achieved and very striking.

Brochure folder

Custom-made card brochure folder, designed to hold a series of postcards. This one has die-cut slots on the back that hold business cards.

Brochure folder with seal

Custom die-cut pocket folder, sealed with a sticker. Once the seal is broken, the inside reveals yet another enclosure, enticing the viewer to continue to explore. This curvilinear die-cut folder is not only attractive, but also highly functional, housing business cards, letters, and other promotional material within.

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