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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

CSR in the Printing and Packaging Industry

Epackprinting is deeply committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and endeavors to create a positive impact on society, the environment, and the communities in which it operates. We recognize the importance of sustainable development and strives to balance its business objectives with the well-being of people and the planet.

Environmental Sustainability

Epackprinting has demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. This commitment is reflected in the practices that guide how our employees interact with our customers, our suppliers, our communities, and each other. This commitment comes to life each day through programs that make safety the first priority in each of our operations across the world, that contribute to environmental sustainability, and that ensure that we follow our guiding principles of ethical business conduct.

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Epackprinting commits to good corporate citizenship. We encourage our employees not just by participating in community projects, but also pursuing lifelong learning and shaping the future while caring for their environment or that of others around them! This helps us deliver kindness forward by taking part within local government initiatives as well business association ones which help bring about positive change within communities at large.

Employee Care

Employees as one of the most important assets of the company.  We advocate and encourage employees to keep in close contact with each other with an open attitude and treat them with sincerity in order to establish an open management model. Follow the concept of mutual respect and continuous care of the environment in life and work. Epack advocates improvement and encourages employees to accept challenges, constantly gain experience to undertake more tasks and broaden their horizons.

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Product Safety

Product safety and sustainability go hand in hand. The safety of our products is closely related to the end users. Epack is committed to developing innovative, safe and reliable products.  Therefore, in the whole manufacturing process, we always keep product quality in mind.  We comply with all mandatory safety standards applicable to all products in different industries, such as toys, drugs and food packaging.

Embracing Sustainability and Ethics for a Better Tomorrow

At Epackprinting, we believe that our success is intrinsically linked to our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We are dedicated to creating sustainable packaging solutions, empowering our employees, and actively engaging in our communities. By prioritizing ethical practices and environmental stewardship, we aim to drive positive change and contribute to a better future for all stakeholders.

Holin Hou
Founder - Holin Hou